Working Together from Lake to Plate!

Working Together from Lake to Plate!              

2019 marks an important milestone for Freshwater as we celebrate our 50th year of serving fishers in northern and western Canada!  

Since 1969, we have been purchasing, processing and marketing Canada’s finest freshwater fish products to customers around the globe. We have developed a loyal customer base over the past 50 years, strengthened the presence of Canadian freshwater fish in world markets, operated a world-class processing facility and purchased millions of kilograms of freshwater fish.  

Our fishers and agents are key to the lake-to-plate supply chain that gets Canadian freshwater fish from northern and western Canada to customers all over the world.  Freshwater values their role in the supply chain by ensuring product reliability, product quality and food safety.  They help us create the value that customers expect, that is so vital to everything we’ve achieved. 

Canada’s inland freshwater fishery is dynamic and the business environment in which we operate grows more competitive each year. “Lake-to-plate” is a catchy tag-line … but a challenge to achieve. 

On behalf of the Corporation, I thank each of you for all you do, and invite you to continue working with us to strengthen the supply chain ~ particularly, from the lake to the processing plant in Winnipeg.  Let’s celebrate and take advantage of everything we’ve accomplished over the last 50 years ~ Let’s strengthen our interactive relationship and continue providing the world with the best freshwater fish!