Update on the Ministerial Panel Report


In September 2018, the Government of Canada established a Ministerial Advisory Panel to examine alternative governance and ownership models for FFMC that better reflect the environment and market conditions of today’s inland fishing industry.
The Panel’s final report was released in early July 2019 The Panel noted recent factors that have impacted the inland fishery.  Recommendations recognize the potential for a harvester-led or partnership model for the inland fishery, with an emphasis on bringing harvester groups together to be a part of, and provide leadership in, a transformed entity. The Advisory Panel also recommends an approach for the industry and its stakeholders to collectively shape the future of FFMC and the inland fishery. 

Appointment of Interlocutor

In response to the Panel’s report, DFO’s Minister Jonathan Wilkinson appointed a dedicated interlocutor, Kevin G. Anderson, to lead next steps in the transformation process.  An interlocutor is someone who arranges an agreement among organizations or groups. Acting as a liaison between fish harvesters, Indigenous groups and other partners, Mr. Anderson will work directly with harvester associations, cooperatives, and other partners to assess the industry’s willingness and capacity to sustain and cooperate under a harvester-led model.  He will lead dialogue among fish harvesters to understand the willingness and potential for transforming Freshwater Fish, and establish a committee of fishing industry representatives to improve communications, information-sharing, and find industry-led solutions that support harvester ambitions for the future.

Kevin Anderson graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science, having specialized in Marine Policy. He began his career at DFO as a Fishery Officer in 1991, progressing through different executive roles over 28 years. His experience focused on fisheries management, enforcement, habitat protection, sustainability, and Indigenous relations / negotiations. 
I encourage you to review the Panel’s full report at https://www.dfo-mpo.gc.ca/fisheries-peches/consultation/ffmc-cpea/transformation-ffmc-cpea-eng.html and to actively support and engage in the process. Freshwater Fish will continue to operate normally and serve fishers’ interests through this process.