From the President’s Desk - November 2018

It's certainly been a very busy fall fishing season for all of us!

Delivery volumes were strong this fall. Thank you to all fishers from Manitoba, Saskatchewan and the Northwest Territories who chose to deliver their fish to us.

Freshwater had a successful financial year that ended on April 30th. I invite you to attend our Annual Public Meeting on Wednesday November 28th at 1:00 p.m. at the Canad Inn Club Regent Hotel, 1415 Regent Avenue West, Winnipeg, when we'll present highlights of last year's operating and financial performance. Fishers who delivered to the Corporation will receive payouts on pickerel, lake whitefish, northern pike, mullet, perch and tullibee and carp roe.

As you no doubt recall, communities in the Lake St. Martin area suffered terribly from the flood of 2011. It is happy news that residents who were forced out of their communities all those years ago are now returning home!

We are committed to continue purchasing, processing and marketing fish based on our established reputation for product reliability and quality around the world. Our key goal remains to maximize returns to fishers.

Freshwater Fish, From Lake to Plate ® and here for fishers!