Other Freshwater Fish

While Freshwater Fish focuses the majority of its marketing on its four main species – walleye, northern pike, mullet and lake whitefish – it does offer a small selection of other products.

Check the following selections to see how Freshwater can serve your needs!

Lake Trout  (Salvelinus namaycush)

With its pinkish-orange flesh, rich flavor and high Omega-3 content, lake trout is ideal for grilling and smoking. We offer it fresh from July through September and frozen year-round.
NEW !  Lake Trout Caviar !

Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens)

The firm and sweet flesh of yellow perch is perfect for fish fries and fish-and-chip dinners. It is considered by many to be one of the finest-eating freshwater fish and has white, flaky and firm meat.


Sauger (Sander canadensis)

Good things come in small packages! This smaller, lesser-known relative of the walleye is considered by many to be equal to its larger cousin. It is also known as canadian pike. A very lean and delicious fish, the sauger can be prepared using any walleye or sole recipe.

Cisco (Coregonus artedi)

With its similarities to lake whitefish, Freshwater Fish whole cisco is perfect for smoking. Cisco, which is also known as tullibee and lake herring, can be substituted for lake whitefish. It is available in whole and minced product form.

Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio)

Carp meat is flavorful and sold whole or kosher minced. Whole carp is perfect for smoking. Freshwater Fish also offers carp caviar, which is popular for inclusion in caviar spreads and other products.


Inconnu (Stenodus leucichthys)

Also known as coney and sheefish, inconnu has a very high oil content and is used almost exclusively for smoking. Freshwater Fish offers inconnu whole frozen, in limited quantities.

White bass (Morone chrysops)

White bass is harvested in small quantities and sold round, either fresh or frozen.