Freshwater Fish Marketing Corporation caviar is delicious and harvested from Canada’s most pristine lakes.  Our high-quality product delivers a unique caviar experience without compromising ecological values.

Our fish and the lakes they live in are valuable resources to be protected, preserved and celebrated. That’s why our four caviar products are completely sustainable and taken only from renewable resources not considered threatened by fisheries authorities.

Lake whitefish caviar (Coregonus clupeaformis)

Freshwater Fish’s Embassy brand lake whitefish caviar is clean, fresh and mildly -flavored with a pleasing and crisp texture. Also known as Golden Caviar, it has a low salt content and is harvested in northern Manitoba and Alberta. Popular in Europe and North America, it offers superior quality.

Cisco caviar (Coregonus artedi)

Our cisco resembles lake whitefish in its clean, fresh and mild taste. The texture of this low-salt caviar is crisp and the eggs pop nicely in the mouth. It is harvested in Northern Manitoba and sold under the Embassy brand.

Lake trout caviar (Salvelinus namaycush)

The wild-caught lake trout harvested to produce this unique and extremely rare caviar are found in only the deepest, coldest lakes of northern Canada. The beautiful, rich, yellow- to orange-coloured eggs are similar in size to that of salmon and have delicate, delicious flavour.

Pike caviar (Esox lucius)

This clean and fresh, delicious caviar is harvested in northern Manitoba. It has a low salt content and is the only caviar produced from pike eggs sourced in Canada.

Carp caviar (Cyprinus carpio)

Our carp caviar is sourced entirely from carp wild-caught in Canada. It can be processed and packaged to meet each customer’s requirements.

Lake whitefish, cisco and pike caviar are available in 6x1kg pack sizes. Lake whitefish caviar is also available in 24x125g and 24x250g pack sizes.