New Blog from Interim President, Stan Lazar ~ Freshwater Fish, Here for Fishers!

The element of change is a dynamic ‘given’ in our world and the commercial fishery is no exception. The decision by the Province of Manitoba to withdraw from the Freshwater Fish Marketing Act (FFMA) and enter the open market is a significant change to the fishery that impacts all stakeholders in our industry. The Province has communicated to fishers that the revised target start date for the new open-market system in Manitoba is December 1, 2017.

With the Province of Manitoba’s withdrawal from the FFMA, Freshwater will no longer be obligated to purchase all fishers’ catch if there is no market demand. This is why we have created voluntary fish purchase contracts ~ fishers have the option of signing a contract to enter into a partnership agreement with us. The fish purchase contract guarantees that we will purchase all your fish, ensure weekly payment for your catch at our posted initial prices and provide you the opportunity to participate in annual profit-sharing.  

We are ready for the open market. The Province’s withdrawal presents an innovative prospect for the industry and Freshwater has a new business model that includes a marketing strategy. We are developing new products and have new opportunities that match fish supply with customer demand. We are keeping the sustainability of the industry and your livelihood at the forefront of our plan.

Freshwater Fish, here for fishers.

For a Freshwater Fish contract application, please email or telephone ~~ (204) 983-3112