Happy New Year to each of you! An early freeze-up helped kick-start the winter fishery, resulting in strong deliveries through December and into January.

With our established understanding of the fishery, our processing capacity and supply chain management knowledge, Freshwater Fish effectively handled the fish delivered to us during that time.

Last year, Freshwater successfully became Manitoba's first fish dealer under the fish marketing regulations that were effective December 1st, 2017. Pictured below is Dave Bergunder, Vice-President of Field Operations, with Brian Parker, Senior Fisheries Manager at the Wildlife and Fisheries Branch of Manitoba Sustainable Development, holding the province's first fish dealer's licence.

Freshwater is meeting all the requirements of the new provincial regulations of a fish dealer, including paying all fishers and agents within seven (7) days for fish delivered, meeting export documentation regulations and providing numerous reports to the Fisheries Branch in compliance with Manitoba's revised Fisheries Act.

The Corporation has signed agreements with most freshwater fish harvesters, agents and co-operatives in Manitoba to provide important services. We will continue to provide those vital services while a long-term plan for the future of the Corporation is determined by the Government of Canada.

To fishers, agents and co-operatives who have signed contracts with us ~ thank you!  We will continue to work together with you, to be your partner in marketing freshwater fish to world markets.

Freshwater ~~ HERE FOR FISHERS !