Happy Birthday!   

2019 marks 50 years that Freshwater has been buying, processing and marketing Canadian wild-caught freshwater fish around the world.  Our sales team and processing staff continue to increase the value of the fish you deliver and the products we sell. For example, we are now selling Canadian-produced boned northern pike fillets and customers are very happy with this new product!  Freshwater-produced caviar is also highly-prized in the global marketplace. 

Freshwater Fish works diligently to improve our lake-to-plate supply chain, to maximize returns to you and grow the freshwater fishery. We invest in processing improvements ~ we are just finishing the installation of new processing equipment to expand operating efficiencies in the Transcona plant. 

The days are getting longer and the sun is feeling stronger as we emerge from another winter fishery. Winter delivery volumes were strong in January and February for most species, providing plenty of great quality Canadian wild-caught fish for our customers around the world.  Soon it will be June and another busy fishing season will be upon us.    

Thank you for all your efforts and support!